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Seventeen years ago I began looking at the overwhelming maze of applying to college with my own teenagers. And as any parent knows, no two children are alike. My daughter wanted a smaller, intimate setting while my son wanted a large, public university experience. I quickly discovered that the process had drastically changed from when I was applying to college.  After successfully maneuvering through the twists, turns, hurdles, and deadlines of the college adventure, I discovered my passion for helping other students find the right fit and removing some of the stress from parents.  

Here is a sample list of colleges where students I have worked with are attending: 

  • Baylor University 

  • Boston College 

  • Carnegie Mellon University 

  • Clemson University

  • Cornell University 

  • Duke University 

  • Elon University

  • George Washington University

  • Harvard University 

  • High Point University

  • Howard University 

  • Johns Hopkins University 

  • NC State University 

  • New York University 

  • Northeastern University

  • Purdue University

  • Stanford University 

  • UCLA

  • UNC Chapel Hill 

  • University of Maryland

  • University of Miami

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Vanderbilt University 

  • Virginia Tech 

  • Wake Forest University  

  • Washington University at St. Louis



"Thank you for all the many ways you have helped both of my children. You have answered a myriad of questions for us along the way. I appreciate you meeting with each child individually as each child worked to determine what they wanted to study and where they wanted to go. The knowledge and expertise you have for so many young people, families, and colleges must be overwhelming at many details to keep up with, but you handle it with grace and composure. I so appreciate how I could simply shoot you a quick email, and boom, you responded back so quickly. Thank you for your attention to detail and encouragement along the way. You are really good at what you do. Your assistance in getting both kids where they are today is greatly appreciated."

Leigh, Parent 

"We are so grateful for Debbie Monahan and all she has done for our students. I can’t imagine there is a better college advocate... We are huge fans! " 

Amy, Parent 

"We appreciate all of your wisdom and direction. We couldn't have done it without you! You are fabulous at what you do and we are grateful!"

Kim, Parent 


"Your attention to detail, coupled with your strong work ethic is inspirational to all of us. A++ job!!"

Danny, Colleague 

“Thank you for answering my millions of questions and encouraging me through times of stress. I truly am so thankful to have had you guide me through the college process."

Gabby, Student 

"I wanted to personally thank you for all that you have done for me over my four years. I really appreciate all that you do to ensure my success as a student. Thank you for your advice and guidance through the college process and for always answering my emails."

Melinda, Student

"Thank you for always being there to answer my endless questions and to offer great encouragement."

Chloe, Student


"Thank you for helping me so much with college applications. You have made this process so much easier! It has been so much less stressful than I originally imagined, so thank you for all your help!"

Emily, Student 

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